Case costs will be set depending on the difficulty of the case, the use of technical equipment / materials, personnel directly involved and will be justified to the client through a financial applied model. This model will be subject to Client review, forerunner of signing the contract.

The main specific fees are:

  • Primary Advice: First time consultation is free.
  • Expert advice: 10 – 50 Euro/hour;
  • Surveillance services (stakeout / counter stakeout): 15 – 30 Euro/hour;
  • Electronic surveillance (with localization): 6.5 Euro/month;
  • Simple investigation: 15 Euro/hour;
  • Complex investigation: 30 Euro/hour;
  • Staff infiltration: 12 – 24 Euro/hour/investigator;
  • Additional costs:
    • For distances outside the city core, the rate is 0.35 Euro / km / vehicle involved;
    • For distances greater than 100 km and duration of activity of more than 12 hours, The Agency will take into account the costs of accommodation (equivalent to 50 EUR / crew / night plus per diem cost of 25 Euro / detective / day.


For any specific activity contracted the client will have to pay a deposit of 30 – 50% of the estimated contract value. The difference will be paid on case completion and final report delivery.