O.M.O. CONFIDENTIAL RO private detective agency provide a comprehensive range of services useful to corporate clients, insurance companies, governmental agencies, attorneys and individuals.:

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  • obtaining data about: solvency, reliability, trade history and creditworthiness of business partners;
  • general investigations: investigating people, places and environments of interest, gathering preliminary evidence, identifying market counterfeits, commercial fraud investigations, cyber investigations;
  • operative surveillance – stakeout and / or counter-stakeout;
  • electronic surveillance of preschoolers, schoolchildren, employees and others (with localization);
  • debugging – identifying the electronic devices for intercept and ambient record;
  • loss prevention (hotel detective, store detective);
  • employees CV’s data verification;
  • security consulting (on protection against leaks of confidential data within companies and institutions);
  • investigating the history of properties;
  • family tree construction and investigation;
  • pre-marital and domestic checks – to establish a person’s behavior and morality, children’s lifestyle; obtaining evidence in cases of adultery and / or sexual harassment;
  • background check of a person – criminal, financial and socio-professional history;
  • missing persons searches or for those who lost touch.

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