O.M.O. CONFIDENTIAL RO private detective agency provide a comprehensive range of services useful to corporate clients, insurance companies, governmental agencies, attorneys and individuals.:

   agentie investigatii private Constanta detectiv particular Constanta

  • general investigations on persons, places and environments of interest;
  • investigations to identify cyber vulnerabilities;
  • verification and investigation of business partners regarding solvency, seriousness, commercial background and creditworthiness;
  • operative surveillance;
  • technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM);
  • identification of clandestine GPS devices;
  • security consultancy to prevent the leakage of confidential data from companies and institutions;
  • loss prevention;
  • domestic checks and investigations regarding the conduct and morality of a person;
  • checks and investigations on a person’s past (criminal, financial and socio-professional background).

agentie detectivi Constantaagentie investigatii private Constanta detectiv particular Constanta