Investigation is confidential?

1.According to Article 1 (3) of Law no. 329/2003 updated on the profession of private detective “Information from the private detective activities are intended solely for its customer, under this law”.

Exceptions to confidentiality are:

  • According to article. 3 (2) of Law. 329/2003, “data and information obtained by private detective may be released upon request, by law, only the courts and public prosecutor, only if they are useful to ascertain the truth in criminal cases.
  • Art. 15 sections d), that “private detective is required in cases where it finds that the information obtained concerns, national security authorities, to immediately bring in these tasks”.
  • The Art. 79 of the Criminal Procedure Code states that: “person bound to professional secrecy cannot do stories on the facts and circumstances of which he became aware in the exercise of his profession, without person or unit approval to which is bound to secrecy”.

2. How much is the cost for an investigation / surveillance?

Private Detective Agency fees are calculated according to the difficulty of services. Investigation costs cannot be determined without a thorough prior assessment of the complexity of investigative process, human potential, logistical support and the number of cars to be involved.

3. How / when do I pay?

The services will be paid in cash or money order. After signing the contract, before the investigative process will start you should pay an advance of min. 50% of the amount agreed in the contract.

Foreign citizens or persons who are not in the country can pay by banking, in a common form established.

4. How long it takes an investigation / surveillance?

Experience allows us to go out the case in a short period of time, depends by the complexity of investigative process. Once we make an assessment of its complexity we can make a financial estimate, and view your application deadlines for the investigative report.

5. Results of the investigation / surveillance are supported by evidence?

The results obtained during the investigation/surveillance will be supported with appropriate evidence (photo, audio, documents, etc.), depending on the customer needs.

6. Does the agency take investigations / surveillance anywhere in the country / abroad?

Of course, we conduct investigations / surveillance throughout Romania and abroad.

7. We should have a contractual relationship Agency-Client?

Under Article 15 (1) of Law 329/2003, “the organization and performance, private detective is obliged to undertake investigations only upon written agreement, with the customer”.

This contract is the legal basis of the entire investigative process. Without this document signed by the parties investigative process cannot take place.

8. How / when I will receive the report of investigation / inquiry evidence?

Investigation Report, accompanied by evidence gathered during the case will be handed over to the customer at 48 hours after the completion of investigative process. It will be served personally to beneficiary by the Agency’s legal representative. If this is not possible for various reasons, we will jointly agree on how the customer it will take.

After receiving confirmation report, Agency obligations to beneficiaries are extinguished.