About us

O.M.O. CONFIDENTIAL RO private detective agency was accredited in Romania in 2010, diversified experience and casuistry allowing them international recognition in 2012.

The Agency works on national and international markets with surveillance, investigations and operative technique professionals, previously trained in government context.agentie detectivi Constanta

O.M.O. CONFIDENTIAL RO offers a diversified range of services for both businesses and for individuals, surveillance, investigation, infiltration, installing and using specific techniques are just the basics in solving a case, no matter its difficulty. Combining these methods with initiative, rapid and objective analysis of the situation in the field, projected on a maximum degree of mobility allows pragmatic solving of any information orders.

The reports provided at the completion of cases are concrete with reliable data and photos, videos and audio evidence. The content of the reports is legal and can be used including at court.

Client relationship with the Agency is protected by total discretion and confidentiality, O.M.O. CONFIDENTIAL RO acting in cooperation with him throughout the case.

For its own required expertise and collateral needs of clients, the Agency has partnerships with law firms, notaries, liquidators, psychologists and other experts in fields related to its investigative activities.

The quality of services provided by the Agency was audited and certified by Lloyd”s Register (in accordance with SR EN ISO 9001:2015).